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Veronica Bleaus was born out of the destruction of a dying era of Divas and Drag Queens, time immemorial. She longs to return to that forgotten realm of the Queer Sublime. She can never go back; she can only consume what remains…

Her profound loneliness curses her with a profound hunger. This eternal hunger is vast—she eyes the world of Drag greedily. After lying dormant for centuries, Veronica was awakened in 2005 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and began ruining drag and eating its scrap. She eagerly consumed thrift store garbage and long forgotten songs of pop culture, all while boring audiences across the Tri‑State area. But she was weak; for too long had she slept. Six years later, in 2011, Veronica had moved her caravan of awful drag artifacts, and the souls of lost divas, to Champaign, Illinois. From here, she has claimed the title of The Worst Drag Queen of the Midwest.

At the time of this writing, no one has yet challenged her right to this throne.

In isolation, desolation, and desperation, Veronica’s madness grows with her hunger.

Will Veronica’s hunger overtake her? Will all of Drag be devoured?

And, most importantly, will she barf it all out after she’s done?

Barf Queen.