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Miss Bleaus has collaborated with visual and performance artists across the United States and abroad—some of them even forgave her for ruining their work.

Scott Andrew
At present, Veronica is working with film/video artist Scott Andrew to develop a full-length stage show. You can find Scott's work, and his previous collaborations with Miss Bleaus on his website listed above.
Dani Lamorte
danilamorte.net  |  youtube.com/user/danilamorte
Veronica embarrasses herself publicly with drag-sister Dani Lamorte as a co-creator of Drive By Drag, a series of public performances where she and Dani prance around in ugly onesies to make children grow up gay.
Mikey McParlane
vimeo.com/mikeymcparlane  |  mikeymcparlane.tumblr.com/
Veronica has been a long-time friend of performer Mikey McParlane since their days in Catholic High School. To repay her for this kindness, Mikey has provided Miss Bleaus with tasty worlds of Wieners and Wallpaper in his film/video work. Additional information available at: michaelmcparlane.net
Veronica performed in Norwegian artist Ane-Lan’s performance piece, Persona.
Drive By Drag
drivebydrag.com  |   facebook.com/drivebydrag
The fiasco that started it all. Both Veronica Bleaus and Dani Lamorte were so bad they had to start booking themselves on the streets.
Trans-Q TV
Veronica is featured in an upcoming episode of Trans-Q Television, an online video variety series exploring gender expression, sexuality, desire, and ecstatic acts of being.
Drive by Drag queens Veronica Bleaus and Dani Lamorte set out to sea on The Drift, an aquatic stage for buoyant interventions. The aquatic beauties crashed the Kenny Chesney concert during the Pittsburgh Regatta, lip-syncing and gyrating to the rhythms of pop water music.
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